2012 Pongal Celebration in Sivakasi

19th January 2012

Reported by Pavala Rajesh Kumar Jeyabalan

Pongal was celebrated on 15th Jan 2012 - 17th Jan 2012, in Sivakasi. All the industries were announced as holidays. From 13th January onwards sugarcane and panangilangu were placed in huge numbers, in Sivakasi market. The price of one sugarcane ranges from Rs.30 - Rs.40. A bundle of 15 sugarcane priced from Rs.330 to Rs.350. Sugarcane shops were placed in all the major areas in Sivakasi. A pack of 25 Panangilangu sold at Rs.45 to Rs.50. Manjal chedi sold out at Rs.5 to Rs.20 and Kannupilla Chedi were sold at Rs.5. There was mass crowd in Sivakasi on 14th and 15th January 2012. Everyone was eager in purchasing Pongal materials. There was a good movement of cocunuts and colour kolappodi. Unexpectedly sales of Panbaanai fell down like anything. Sivakasians preferred to prepare pongal in cookers.

From 14th January 2012 night onwards Sivakasians began to draw beautiful colour Kolams in front of their houses and also inside the houses. The roads of most of the streets in Sivakasi were filled with colourful Kolams. Boys showed their interest by filling colours for kolams. Some weared new dress and had Pongal as breakfast. Most of the Sivakasians spent their time in TV shows. Some went to Nanban film, that was screened in Sivakasi Big Cinema Theatre. Some had gone to tours and to their native places. Sivakasians those who working in MNCs had Xmas and English New Year holidays and there was no holiday for Pongal Festival. So they missed their Pongal Celebration in Sivakasi. Some street people celebrated Therukettu Pongal in their streets. They conducted games and distributed prizes. Many new shops were opened on the day of Pongal, in Sivakasi.

On 16th January 2012 majority of the shops were closed, except mutton and chicken stalls. Sale of Petrol and diesel also fell badly on 16-01-2012, in Sivakasi. Roads were completely different without people. There were no people seen in Sivakasi four car streets. Some schools were reopened on 17th January and some on 18th January 2012. Totally this Pongal entertained Sivakaians in all the ways.

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