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S.J. Poojha brought laurels to Sivakasi

S.J. Poojha brought laurels to Sivakasi

S.J. Poojha of The Sivakasi Lions Matriculation Higher Secondary School brought laurels to Sivakasi by securing 1194/1200 marks in the Higher Secondary Examination. The school teachers and their friends celebrated their victory by distributing sweets to other students.

Top marks schoolwise

The Sivakasi Lions Mat. Hr. Sec. School - 1194
VSKD Mat. Hr. Sec. School - 1188
Coronation Girls Hr. Sec. School - 1183
SHNV Mat. Hr. Sec. School - 1183
YRTV Mat. Hr. Sec. School - 1180
JayCees Mat. Hr. Sec. School - 1177
Vinayaga Matric Mat. Hr. Sec. School - 1176
Shenbaga Vinayaga Mat. Hr. Sec. School - 1176
Kalaimagal Hr. Sec. School, Thiruthangal - 1174
SNG Girls Hr. Sec. School, Thiruthangal - 1170
Kamarajar Mat. Hr. Sec. School - 1170
SHN Girls Hr. Sec. School - 1168
KMKA Mat. Hr. Sec. School, Thiruthangal - 1162
SHNV Boys Hr. Sec. School - 1161

Source: Karthik Raja

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