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Safire Fireworks Agencies is a leading wholesale and retail fancy fireworks and crackers in Sivakasi. The company was established by Mr.K.Vijayarajan, in the year 1970. Celebrate Diwali, Christmas, New Year and other festivals with quality crackers and fireworks products from Safire Fireworks Agencies, Sivakasi, India.


Sivakasi Safire Fireworks Agencies offer the following products at reasonable rates Sparklers, Chakkars , Twinklings Stars, Flower Pots, Rockets, Atom Bombs, Pencils, Cartoons, Fancy Fireworks, Bijili Crackers, Chorsa Crackers, Colour Fountains, Whistling Celebrations, Aerial Novelties, Rockets, Roll Caps and Dot caps, Serpents and Colour Matches.


All reputed Sivakasi brand fireworks.


Gift Box and customized fireworks packs available.

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: Safire Fireworks Agencies
: Mr.K.Vijayarajan
: Jaya Sakthi Trader,
  124, Mani Nagar,
  Sivakasi - 626123.
: 04562-277006
: +91-9486004433
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