Sivakasi Sri Padrakaliamman Temple - Chithirai Pongal Kayirukuthu utsav 2011

Reported by: J. Pavala Rajesh Kumar
Photography: T.Hari Prasanth

11th May 2011

Chithirai Pongal Kayirukuthu Utsav

Sivakasi Arulmigu Sri Badrakaliamman Kovil Chithirai Pongal was celebrated by Sivakasians on 10th May 2011. Kayirukuthu utsav was celebrated on 11th May 2011. All the offices and industries in Sivakasi were announced as holiday for Chithirai Pongal Kayirukuthu Utsav 2011. From morning 5 a.m. onwards Sivakasians celebrated Kayirukuthu Utsav by putting colour dots in their body and holding Neem leaves in their hands and bodies. Over 100 people did Agni Chatti Nerthikadan. Many Sivakasi devotees did Nerthikadan such as Alagukuthu, Paravai Kaavadi,Mulaipaari, Paadha Kaanikkai and so on. Fire Service station provided free butter milks and waters. Fan clubs and social servicing clubs also distributed free lemon juices, butter milk and water. At night, fireworks display were done in a grand manner. The fireworks display show takes place around half an hour. People come out with their family and enjoyed the fireworks display show. Lots of people took photography and videography in their mobile and in their digital cameras. After enjoying the fireworks display show, people worshiped goddess Sri Badrakaliamman and gone to exhibition that was held in SHNV Higher Secondary School Sivakasi. Really the fireworks display show entertained the Sivakasians.

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