Summer rain lashes Sivakasi town

8th May 2015

Summer rain lashes Sivakasi town

Today, surprisingly the summer showers that lashed Sivakasi town from 06:00 p.m. to 07:40 p.m. provided some respite from the sweltering weather. The rain, accompanied by thousands of lightning, strong wind and thunders for more than two hours, picked up momentum. The drains were overflowed and the roads remained flooded for some hours. Rainy onslaughts leave several roads damaged, in Sivakasi. Several low-lying areas in the town were inundated after the incessant heavy rain. The downpour brought cheers for Sivakasians. And still drizzle continues. Lightning and thunders are threatening Sivakasians like anything. The rain poured so hard and so fast that some two wheelers especially mopeds were left stuck in the water, needing to be rescued. For drivers and commuters, the voyage home was just as problematic. The rain made it hard to see, while the pools of water made it hard to drive and in some cases Sivakasi motorists were unable to move. Caught unawares by the non stop rain, thunders and lightnings most Sivakasians especially devotees those who attended therottam festival and office-goers, in the absence of umbrellas, were drenched. They took shelter inside nearby buildings, temple pandhals and tea shops. More rains / drizzle to come in for next one week, with maximum and minimum temperature of 33 and 25 degree celsius.

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