Chinese crackers make inroads into Surat

3rd November 2015

- The Times of India

Chinese crackers make inroads into Surat

SURAT: Chinese crackers have found their way on to the shelves of firecracker retailers and wholesalers in the Diamond City despite any clearance for their import from central government. There are six cracker wholesalers, who supply to the retailers of the Rs 20 crore market in the city.

While the Chinese crackers are banned in India, they are being sold in the Diamond City. Unlike previous Diwalis, this time around the residents in Surat will be making maximum use of fireworks imported from China.

The ratio of fireworks manufactured in Sivakasi and China which are being sold in the Diamond City is 60:40.

Firecracker dealers said Chinese fireworks have penetrated into the Diamond City and may soon end the monopoly of Sivakasi crackers.

While manufacturers of Sivakasi are stuck with making traditional fireworks, Chinese are introducing new varieties every year. The prices of Chinese crackers are also reasonable.

"There is no comparison in the prices of crackers from China and Sivakasi. They have different varieties and qualities. Quality of Chinese cracker is customized as per the need of youngsters and children," a firecracker wholesaler said.

He added, "We know Chinese crackers are banned in India, but we businessmen sell whatever is supplied to us. It is the responsibility of the central government to stop entry of Chinese crackers into India."

Another wholesaler said, "Customers are asking for Chinese crackers. There are many varieties that attract customers. Their quality is superb."

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