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2050 world and New world

In "2050 world", have a money minded humans. In
this world, the humans behave like automated machine. They
give precedence only for money, the humans never bother about
Frienship, relationship, and neighbours at all. They are all aloofed
Person. In This world, no more place for feelings, love and emotions.
They need only money and in this world we never see any food, the
food are only tablets. Everything are tablets and the people eat
tablets, they gain energy from tablets. Their whole mind behave
Robotic one. Everything is made by scientific person. In"2050 World "
Is fully developed with scientific elements. We can never see a fertile
or Greenish land. Because, no place for plough the paddy, wheat, etc..
Humans occupies the fertile lands. They build a big houses, big level
Industry, factory etc... The wind Is affected by the industrial air. The
grisly smell mix with wind. The humans breath that air. They are
affected by the diseases. Each and Everyday people dies. Then,
the people fights with the others for money. In this world, if humans
are in a need of money, they will do any nefarious things. They never
Think about the other person, even a small child. Water, vegetables,
fruits, paddy, wheat are all things will be kept in museum. At last, no
One will be in this world. The"2050 World "will obliterate. God will
Obliterate the world.
God created a "New World ". New world is a heavenly
One. The people have a peaceful mind. They help each other.They
give preference for other's feelings and problems. People never split
Any religion, colours and caste etc.. All are all equal. The lands are very
Greenish one. In thisworld, we should never see a hunger person, whatever
Place, never see a famine. People will lead a good life. Humans heart have a
Purity things. In "New World " everything is made by God. God made these
Only for humans. God never affects the humans. New World is like a heavenly
Creatures. Everything is natural one. The people have a healthy life. God always
Gives virtue things to us....
S. Durga Devi,
ANJAC College,

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