Power cut Giant returns back to Sivakasi Town

5th February 2013

Power cut Giant returns back to Sivakasi Town

In Sivakasi, the relief of four to five hours of power cut a day comes to an end, from yesterday onwards. For last 2 months there were power cut in Sivakasi for around 5 hours a day. Now the power cut time further increased to 8-9 hours a day. Sivakasians stay awake atleast two to three times night to battling against mosquito with no electricity at night times also. The unscheduled power cuts worsen the situation more, in Sivakasi. Sivakasians had no clue when supply would be cut off or restored. Power situation had worsened commercial and non commercial users in Sivakasi. As summer is nearing, it is expected that there may be chances for power cut giant to hit Sivakasi Industries once again.

No electricity shocks whole Tamil Nadu, except Chennai.

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