No electricity shocks Sivakasians

13th March 2013

No electricity shocks Sivakasians

For last two days, Sivakasi town have been facing power cuts ranging between 10-12 hours of power cut daily. Sivakasians stay awake atleast two to three times night to battling against mosquito with no electricity at night times also. The unscheduled power cuts worsen the situation more, in Sivakasi. Sivakasians had no clue when supply would be cut off or restored. Power situation had worsened commercial and non commercial users in Sivakasi. The unscheduled and unannounced power cut has left Sivakasi industrialists, businessmen, traders, micro and macro industries, homemakers and students in the lurch. The recent power cuts forced the traders and manufacturers to use the generator. As summer is nearing, it is expected that there may be chances for power cut giant to hit Sivakasi Industries once again. No electricity shocks Sivakasians.

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