Ice Apple Season in Sivakasi

30th March 2013

Ice Apple Season in Sivakasi

Padhaneer and Pana Nungu has turned Sivakasi town-s favourite drink during summer season. The hottest days of the summer is the season for Pana Nungu (Ice Apple) and watermelon. The best remedy to keep out bodies heat is to drink Padhaneer. For last few weeks, the most common sights in Sivakasi town is, motorcycles and cars parked in front of Nungu and tasted the natural nutrition to beat the heat of the summer. In Sivakasi, price of one Pana Nungu is Rs.4 to Rs.5. Plain Padhaneer priced Rs.10 and Nungu Padhaneer is Rs.15-. Sivakasi Nungu Vendors procure Nungu from Surandai and more than 50 roadside vendors shops has been placed in the main areas of Sivakasi town. Most of these Nungu vendors loads get exhausted even before afternoon. Sivakasians prefer tender coconuts and Padhaneer as a healthy refresher in the hot season of Summer instead of other soft drinks. Always, there remains demand for these natural nutrition during summer season, in Sivakasi.

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