Oyilattam performed

9th April 2013

Oyilattam performed

As a part of Sivakasi Panguni Pongal Festival, Oyilattam was performed at 11:00 a.m., held at Mariamman Temple campus. Hundreds witnessed the Oyilattam performance. Around 20 artists staged Oyilattam and said the history of Goddess Mariamman. Earlier the procession of Goddess Idol has been taken place from Mandagapadi to Mariaaman Temple, at 08:00 a.m.. Special pujas has been performed to the Amman. Devotees in large numbers prepared pongal and offered to the Goddess. Today also, some devotees did padhakanikkai, muthu poduthal and mudi kanikkai netrikadans. Roadside vendors and hawkers wind up their stalls, at afternoon. The 10 days Panguni Pongal Festival ends up with Oyilattam performance.

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