Rain drenched Sivakasi

6th May 2013

Rain drenched Sivakasi

In Sivakasi, after a long, hot day, Sivakasians were greeted by a sudden downpour, at evening, today. Dark clouds kept hovering over the town during evening time, bringing down the temperature which had become unbearable during the past few weeks. Unexpectedly it was rained for around 40 minutes, from 4:30 p.m. to 5:10 p.m. Rain accompanied by thunders, lightening and winds. The drains were overflowed and the roads remained flooded for some hours. Rainy onslaughts leave several roads damaged, in Sivakasi. And the climate remains cloudy. Rain badly hits Sivakasi exhibition too. Its hard for the visitors to take even a single step in the exhibition ground. The downpour has come as a welcome relief for the Sivakasians. And there is chance for rain in Sivakasi for next three days.

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