A Rainy start for Sivakasi

13th May 2013

A Rainy start for Sivakasi

Dark clouds kept hovering over the town, here today, and rain hits Sivakasi from 6:40 a.m. onwards. Sivakasi town experienced a steady drizzle for several hours, at today morning. The temperature falls down to 24 degree Celsius. The steady drizzle adds more chillness on the climate and also drenched Sivakasi town. As the day started with a super rain in Sivakasi, diary product and newspaper suppliers faced problem in delivering their products at right time. The drains were overflowed and the roads remained flooded. Rainy onslaughts leave several roads damaged, in Sivakasi. The downpour brought cheers for Sivakasians. Rainfall brings relief from recent water crisis problem, in Sivakasi. Sky remains cloudy. It seems Rain will hit Sivakasi, today, once again. For next few days the sky will be partly cloudy.

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