Bright start ends with rain in Sivakasi

17th May 2013

Bright start ends with rain, in Sivakasi

In Sivakasi, a bright start to the day was end in scattered drizzle at afternoon and rain with band of clouds developed during evening around 4:40 p.m.. Today, after a sweltering day, as the day progressed a band of cloud and rain hit Sivakasi. Within minutes of a steady rain the town was seen flooded and clogged. Rain water harvesting systems, installed in buildings, received copious amount of water and brings temporary relief from water crisis. Today maximum temperature will be 39 degree Celsius (average) while the minimum temperature will be 29 degree Celsius, in Sivakasi. The climate will remain partly cloudy for next few days and there may be chances of rain for Sivakasi in next week.

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