Lean Manufacturing Process

19th August 2013

Courtesy: Ms.S.Amutha M.E.,MISTE., Asst. Prof.(Senior Grade), Department of Information Technology, P.S.R. Engineering College, Sivakasi

Lean Manufacturing Process

A guest lecture on “Lean Manufacturing Process” by Mr. E. Surenthiran, Deputy Manager – NPPPO (Production Integration), ELGI Equipments Ltd., Coimbatore was organized by Mechanical Engineering Association, P.S.R. Engineering, Sivakasi on 16/08/2013 (Friday) at 10.00 A.M, under the auspices of honorable Correspondent, Mr. S. Solaisamy, esteemed Principal, Dr. K.R. Viswanathan, Dr.P.Pitchipoo, HOD, Mechanical Engineering, Mr.P.Ebenezer Sathish Paul, Assistant Professor, staff and students.

During the course of his presentation he presented the salient features on the topic which included Value Addition,Terminologies,Tools used,Waste Reduction,VSM,Push process,Pull Process. Each and every topic was discussed with live examples like that employed in the company he is working, leading automobile manufacturers which made the lecture more interesting. The II, III and final year Mechanical Engineering students along with the staff took part in his presentation by raising questions and clarifications. He stressed on the most important features wherein an employee should be multi-skilled once he gets into the organization. He summarized it by explaining the difference between traditional manufacturing process and Lean Manufacturing Process and topics like Part standardization Time study, Mass Production, JIT/TPs, Stastical Process Control which will lead to loss in manpower, wastes, resources which will lead to on-time delivery of the product to the end customer.

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