Pleasant Climate for Sivakasi

12th December 2013

- Pavala Rajesh Kumar Jeyabalan

Pleasant Climate for Sivakasi

With temperature pegged below 22 degree Celsius, chill breeze, mild showers cool climate and black clouds and the climate has been slowly changing up Sivakasi Climate. Last week the maximum average temperature is around 32 degree celsius, now the temperature fell down to 27 degree Celsius. Sun too shy to show up its face, for last few days. Today, many parts of Sivakasi Town experienced very mild showers, after a cloudy start. Sivakasians began the day on a pleasant note, with a drizzle and a cool breeze early morning and it is drizzling often and it continues. For the next three days, the climate is expected to remain cloudy with the chances of drizzle and rain. The mild shower adds more chillness on the climate and also make the road wet. Now the weather in Sivakasi town is pleasant.

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