Sugarcane price soars for this Thiruvathirai

17th December 2013

Sugarcane price soars for this Thiruvathirai

As Thiruvathirai is a just a day away, Sugarcane have been kept for sale, at the major areas of Sivakasi. The price of edible sugarcane, leaving a sour note among Thiruvathirai festival shoppers thronging the markets in Sivakasi, today. The price of one sugarcane is Rs.40-50 and bunch (12 sugarcanes) of sugarcane is Rs.350 to Rs.400 depending on the size and quality, in Sivakasi. Because of its souring price, the sweet Sugarcane remain out of reach for the common man in Sivakasi town. One of a sugarcane retail trader near Ambedkar statue said that the rise in price of sugarcane is due to gradual decline in the area of cultivation of the edible variety of sugarcane. He added, one bunch of Sugarcane is Rs.350/-.

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