Margazhi - The month of Colour Kolam begins

17th December 2013

Margazhi - The month of Colour Kolam begins

In Sivakasi, the month of Margazhi in Tamil Calendar is special for Arunagirinathar Sangam Prasangam in Mariamman Kovil, some Sivakasians visit to temples early in the morning and majority of the Sivakasians decorate their house with coloured Kolams (Rangoli) and white kolam powder. Sivakasians during Margazhi month, do not mind on cool breeze and snow in the early morning and they add coloured powder for the winter. This year, the only fear for the Kolam drawers is mosquito bites. So while they are drawing kolam, they are always seen with mosquito bat and coils with them. In Sivakasi, price of one colour kola podi pocket price ranges from Rs.4 to Rs.7 and the price of all colour kolam powder pack is Rs.45. And the sale of colour kola podi too picks up.

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