Thiruvathirai Ther Kolam

18th December 2013

Thiruvathirai Ther Kolam

Thiruvathirai, a festival dedicated to Lord Natarajar, is a major local festival in Sivakasi town. Thiruvathirai festival is observed during the full moon day in the Tamil month of Margazhi. In Sivakasi Thiruvathirai is a grand festival in which abhishegams are offered to Lord Natarajar. A grand procession is taken through the four car streets of Sivakasi. On this auspicious day, majority of the Sivakasi women and girls decorate their home by putting Ther kolam. Ther Kolams are decorative designs made on floors of living rooms and courtyards during Thiruvathirai festival in Sivakasi.

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