Lowest recorded temperature in Sivakasi for 2013

19th December 2013

- Pavala Rajesh Kumar Jeyabalan

Lowest recorded temperature in Sivakasi for 2013

With temperature pegged below 18 degree Celsius, chill breeze, mild showers cool climate and black clouds and the climate has been slowly changing up Sivakasi Climate. Last few days the maximum average temperature is around 31 degree celsius, and the average minimum temperature is just 18 degree celsius and the humidity is 80%. The lowest recorded temperature in Sivakasi for the year 2013 is 18 degree celsius. The prime cold of the year witness last few days and reduced the temperature in Sivakasi town. It is the very pleasant weather similar to ooty kodaikanal – the hill stations of the state, which took back. Moreover the winter is here in Sivakasi, to relax and enjoy the warmth of mild coldness and sunshine that enhance along the enchanting Margali festival season.

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