Chinese fireworks getting popular

15th April 2015

Courtesy: NYOOOZ

Chinese fireworks getting popular

One could mistake the queue outside firecracker shops in the city for the ones near the Bevco outlets. Hundreds of people are waiting patiently at the shops to purchase the latest entrants in the field for celebrating Vishu. Kinder Joy, Kiddies Joy, Kit Kat.

.. are not just chocolates any more, but the latest varieties of firecrackers in the local market, especially targeting the children.

The traditional varieties of firecrackers like the fountains and sparkles are still in vogue, but the children mostly prefer the Chinese varieties for their added colour and visual splendour. The parents too prefer them for they are not as dangerous as the traditional varieties. “They can even be used indoors,” Malathi, a homemaker from Karapparamba said.

The entrance of Chinese firecrackers in the market has brought about some major changes.The splendour that one used to witness only as part of large fireworks display during temple festivals is now accessible to everyone. The large cylindrical firecrackers have now been compressed without compromising on the splendour.

All those things like ‘parachutes’ flying down during fireworks display, double or triple shots in one package are now available for everyone to use. “The Chinese crackers are made using superior technology. Most popular fireworks factories in Sivakasi send their staff to China to learn these techniques.

They are very colourful,” said Udaya Sankar, who owns a major firecracker outlet in the city.The Chinese varieties are not much different from the traditional ones. Every year a small new technique is added.

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