Rain for the fourth consecutive day

20th November 2015

Rain for the fourth consecutive day

Sivakasi receives rainfall between 03:45 a.m. and 04:10 a.m., in the early morning and it was a moderate rain and Sivakasi was cloudier throughout the day with occasional drizzle. There was heavy downpour from 02:00 p.m. to 02:25 p.m.. The drains were overflowed and the roads remained flooded for some hours. Rainy onslaughts leave several roads damaged, in Sivakasi. Several low-lying areas in the town were inundated after the incessant heavy rain. Sivakasi receives 2 cm rainfall on 19th November 2015. For the next three days Sivakasi will receive rain / drizzle with maximum and minimum temperature of 27 and 22 degree celsius.

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