Pulse Polio 2016 - Sivakasi

27th January 2016

Pulse Polio 2016 - Sivakasi

On 17th January 2016, Sunday, the first phase of Pulse Polio Immunisation was held in Sivakasi. Twenty plus booths were set out to give Polio Immunisation Drops to kids of 0-5 years, in Sivakasi. In addition to that Mobile Teams covered some key areas such bus stands, main roads and bazars, and gave Polio Immunisation Drops. Sivakasi Government Hospital and some Private Hospitals also gave Immunisation Drops. Booths were placed in Schools, Sathunavu (Anganwaadi), Mahamaipandu Hospitals and Vaasagar Saalais. The service began at 07:00 a.m. and ends at 05:00 p.m.. Around 150 staff deployed for this service which includes Staff from Sivakasi Municipality, Training students from Nursing College and other supporting workers.

The Polio vaccine were stored in refrigerators between +2�C and +8�C. Parents were caustious and bring their kids to the booths and make them to had drops. Kids who had Polio Immunisation Drops, had an ink mark on their finger like the vote mark. It was a sign of getting immunized against the deadly Polio. The II phase of Pulse Polio Immunisation campaign will be held on 21st February 2016, Sunday.

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