Moondraam Naal Thiruvzha Chithirai Pongal

6th May 2016

Moondraam Naal Thiruvzha Chithirai Pongal

Sivakasi Chithirai Pongal Moonrraam Thiruvizhaa was celebrated on 6th May 2016, Thursday. Third day festival of Chithirai Pongal 2016 was organised by Kaliswari Group of Industries, Sivakasi. At 08:00 p.m. Badrakaliamman Procession in Parvadha Vaaghanam has been taken place from Kadai kovil to Badrakaliamman Kovil. The procession of The Traditional Kerala Pancha Vaathiyam, Singari Melam and Deeba Vilakku procession in front of the Radhams added to the festive spirit. In the procession, Sivakasi kids were wowed by seeing laughing Krishna doll and Shiva doll. Sivakasians captured the golden moments of Chithirai Pongal Moonam Thiruvizhaa procession in their mobile phones and digital cameras.

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