Nationwide Competition To Select Abdulkalam Edusat Team

30th August 2016

Nationwide Competition To Select Abdulkalam Edusat Team

Project: "Space Tech India - Knowledge Connect" - National Contest to design and develop "AK-EDU-SAT-001" (Abdul Kalam Education Satellite) to promote Education.

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As a first step to participate in the design and development of Abdul Kalam satellite, first level essay competition will be conducted on national level inviting all the students in the schools and colleges in India. Online registration will open as of July, 27, 2016 and close on Sep 15, 2016.

OBJECTIVE: (i) To encourage the students in India to take interest in emerging Space Technologies, Cube Satellites, Micro-Gravity Research, etc. as desired by H. E. Dr. Abdul Kalam.
(ii) Enable Teams of students to work under the guidance. mentoring and supervision of Experts in Space Technology to design, develop and validate a Cube Satellite
(iii) subject to several external factors, use the Cube Sat developed by the students to network and link in India all Smart Classrooms, Digital Libraries, Rural Women Empowerment Centers, Youth Skills Development Centers, Rural and Mobile medical clinics to provide affordable, point-of-care service even in remote parts of the country via the cube-sat connectivity.

"Abdul Kalam Vision India Movement" (AKVIM) has joined hands with "International We Serve Foundation" (IWSF) and AEOLUS AERO Technology (AAT) to conduct "SPACE TECH INDIA - KNOWLEDGE CONNECT" Contest.

Selection of 10 teams of students for the A K Edu Sat program will be made by a Voluntary Committee of Experts, on the basis of constructive knowledge-based space research articles, creative essays and articles submitted by the students:
a) Systems & Sub-systems Design for AK-EDU SAT.
b) Data Communication, Video Compression Algorithms & Technologies & High efficiency Video Coding.
c) Mobile Digital Video Broad Casting (M-DVB) systems for Enabling Mobile phones with Antenna chip design.
d) Systems on a chip (Soc) Chip Design for aggregating various Sub systems foe enabling mobile Digital Video & Data Communication & IP Tv. (OR)
e) Any other technologies, Systems based on the Proposed Creative Concept.

Students studying in (a) 9th to 12th standard, (b) 1st to 4th year engineering or science students in a college can participate as a team, comprising of one teacher and five students / team.
Online entry application form shall be available from 27 July 2016, and essays can be submitted until 31 August 2016 in our websites listed below.
Top ten awards will be announced on 15th October 2016, the birth anniversary of Dr. Abdul Kalam. The selected 10 teams shall be mentored and guided by retired ISRO scientists and Aeolus Aero Tech Engineers to design and build a Cube Satellite suitable for launching.

DETAILS: Kindly check our respective websites.

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