Delhi govt kicks into action against Chinese fireworks

14th October 2016

- The New Indian Express

Pollution alert: Delhi govt kicks into action against Chinese fireworks ahead of Diwali

With accompanying air pollution and the festival of Diwali around the corner, the Delhi government has written to the Customs Department to prohibit imports of harmful crackers from any country and has also written to the Delhi Police to ensure that action is taken against any violation of law.

The Delhi Pollution Control Committee is trying to control the impact firecrackers have on air quality around Diwali by writing to the Customs Department and the police to prevent illegal firecrackers from entering the Capital.

The letter written by the Delhi Pollution Control Committee cites a 1992 notification that the Centre had in 1992 banned firecrackers that contained ‘sulphur’ and ‘sulphurate’ in mixture with chlorate, generally known as Chinese firecrackers since many of these high-polluting fireworks came from that country. However, the ban has not been enforced completely over the years.

This year, however, the Delhi government is aiming to fully implement the ban.

However, as per Ministry of Commerce and Industry notification dated on September 6, 2006 states that the only authorized sound emitting crackers (not exceeding 125dB at 4 meter distance from the point of bursting) as well as color and light emitting crackers having sound level not exceeding 90 dB should be allowed with composition, size, design etc. that too within the time prescribed.

Now, therefore the following directions are being issued: a) No importer shall import Firecrackers from any country and Custom shall ensure that such consignment which violates the norm prescribed vide notification should not enter Delhi. b) Licensing branch of Delhi Police is directed to ensure that all wholesaler license holders are informed about these provisions and warned that in case of violation, action as per law will be taken against them. Condition in this effect be incorporated in their license.

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