Sivakasi celebrates Diwali

Sivakasi celebrates Diwali

Diwali was celebrated with fun on 18th October 2017, Wednesday, in Sivakasi. Being the Diwali eve, the shopping remained the main highlight in the town, especially in NRKR Road. There was non stop Diwali celebration in Sivakasi from 17th October 2017, night to 18th October 2017 night. In fact, Sivakasians begin bursting of crackers well before the festival of Diwali. In many households, the day began with a pre-dawn oil bath and donning of new clothes before prayers. People thronged Mutton and Chicken stall from 02:00 a.m.. There was crowed in the stalls till 12:00 p.m.. Devotees thronged temple and special abhisegams has been taken place in all the temples. In the morning, the women prepared sweet dishes such as Mundhrikothu, Paniyaaram, Ulundha Vada, Aama Vada and Gulab Jamun. Sivakasians make and shared sweets with friends and relatives.

Sivakasians were eager in watching the new released movies in theatres. There was huge crowd in front of Cinema theatres. Majority of the theatres were house full - Mersal, Chennaiyil Oru Naal. Some Sivakasians showed their interest towards special Diwali shows broadcasted in Television - Bahubali2, Theri, Vickram Vedha, Kathi. The festival of lights, Diwali, brings fun, joy and togetherness. Children and youth eagerly look forward for the arrival of the festival. Everyone was with their new dresses and fired crackers. Sivakasians taking crazy selfies with crackers and fireworks displays. It was difficult for Sivakasians to travel from one place to another, as there was no auto service on Diwali Festival. Motorists remaining stuck, because of roadless roads youngers firing crackers in the roads for last two days, with out break, in all the streets of Sivakasi. So Sivakasians avoid roaming on Diwali days. Sivakasi has been seen with non stop sound and colourful lights throughout the festival. And all age sections enjoyed the festival.

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