Sivakasi - SBJ Health Centre Pvt Limited - Opening Ceremony

20th November 2011

Reported by Pavala Rajesh Kumar Jeyabalan

Sivakasi - SBJ Health Centre Pvt Limited - Opening Ceremony

A new super multi speciality hospital SBJ Health Centre Private Limited was inaugurated, today at Jeyakar Offset Complex, Sivakasi. In the presence of Dr.V.K.Kathiravan, Chairman Sivakasi Municipality, the opening ceremony was inaugurated by Mr.N.R.K.R.Ravindran Managing Director, Standard Fireworks Private Limited.

Consultation room was opened by Mr.A.P.Selvarajan Director, Sri Kaliswari Fireworks Private Limited, Sivakasi. Another Consultation room was opened by Mr.A.M.S.G.Asokan, Arasan Group of Industries, Sivakasi. Ward was opened by Mr.Perrys.Mahendravel Director, TMB Ltd.. SBJ Health Centre Pvt Limited-s optical shop was opened by Mr.S.Mahewaran, Director, Pioneer Asia Group, Sivakasi. T.M.T. Room was opened by /mr.A.Tenzing, Director, Pioneer Press Private Limited, Sivakasi. The hospital-s Lab Unit was opened by Mr.G.Abiruben, Director, Ayyan Fireworks Private Limited, Sivakasi. Scan Room of the hospital was opened by Mr.A.Thilagaraj, Ajantha Group of Industries, Sivakasi. X-Ray unit of this hospital was opened by /dr.K.G.Srinivasan, KGS Scan Centre, Madurai. IMCU was opened by Dr.R.Ashok, Medical Superintendent, ESI Hospital, Sivakasi. ICCU was opened by Dr.Kathiresan, Chief Medical Officer, Govt.Hospital, Sivakasi.

Other Sivakasi VIP-s and other Sivakasians also attended the function. The function was well organised by Dr.Shanmugarajan and Dr.S.Jeya Sudha.

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