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The rise and fall of Audiolingualism

The Phoenix Club of the Department of English (PG), Ayya Nadar Janaki Ammal College, Sivakasi, invited Dr. Esaya Britto Raphael, English Language Institute, Jazan University, Saudi Arabia, to address the students on the significance of linguistics and English Language Teaching via online on 20.11.2020 . Dr.Esaya Britto Raphael pointed out the rise and fall of Audiolingualism and its merits and demerits. He threw light on Stephen Krashen’s Natural approach and C.J.Dodson’s Eclectic approach. He also remarked that knowledge of linguistics is mandatory for the aspirants who would like to choose English Language Teaching, as their career. Dr.Britto also highlighted the importance of the factors of interest and regular reading that will promote competency and confidence in using any language. The Guest Speaker was welcomed by Ms V. Deepika, II M.A.English. Mrs.P.Kalyanasundari, Head, Department of English (PG), introduced the resource person, and Vote of thanks was proposed by Ms S. Udhayashree, I M.A.English. The programme was emceeyed by Ms M. ShanmugaRajeswari, II M.A.English and Ms C. Balambiga, the Joint Secretary of the Association.

News & Events