Untimely drizzle cools temperature

Untimely drizzle cools temperature

As predicted by the meteorological department, several areas in Sivakasi town experienced rainfall. In the early morning of 13th April 2021, Tuesday, some places got a drizzle, with some others getting normal rainfall. Sivakasi also experienced strong wind, thunder and lightning along with occasional drizzle, today. The town was covered by clouds from afternoon onwards. There was sharp showers for around 10 minutes, between 1:55 p.m. to 2:10 p.m.. After days of sunny weather, it rained in the town for the past three days, bringing the much needed respite to Sivakasi residents from hot weather. The met department predicts weather disturbance to continue in Sivakasi for the next four days with chances of rainfall, with average maximum and minimum temperature of 34 and 26 degree celsius respectively.

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