Kayirukuthu Festival Lite Version

Kayirukuthu Festival Lite Version - Panguni Pongal 2021

Kayirukuthu Festival Lite Version - Panguni Pongal, was celebrated on 19th April 2021, Monday. Due to COVID Second Wave few number of devotees take part in Vesham Poduthal ( swearing of white and black dots in their body and having neem leaves in their hands ) and raised the Aahoi Ayyaahoi slogans. Devotees carried mulaipaari, agni chatti, 1000 kannu paanai, and maavilakku. Some devotees perform nerthikadan such as Padha Kaanikai, Kan Malar, Muthu Poduthal, Kayirukuthudhal and mottai podudhal. Some devotees seen with CORONA related slogans on their body. Sivakasi Hindu Nadar Uravinmurai arranged the festival in a simple and in an systematic manner by maintaining social distancing. Sprinklers were used to sanitize devotees before being allowed entry. The temple and police administration have made special arrangements to conduct the festival in a smooth manner. There was no live coverage and broadcast of the festival by the local cable tv networks, due to corona second wave. Kayirukuthu festival lite version entertains all sections of people in Sivakasi.

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