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Mobile waiting facility with Oxygen

Mobile waiting facility with Oxygen set up at Sivakasi GH

A mobile waiting facility with oxygen concentrators for COVID patients has been set up on the Government Hospital premises in Sivakasi.

Sivakasi JCI Dynamic, in association with Hayagrivas International School, has set up the facility in a modified school bus. The bus with five oxygen concentrators has been parked on the hospital premises.

“We have got 40 oxygen-supported beds. In the last few days, the beds are getting filled and patients need to wait for some time to get beds till the health condition of those patients on oxygen support improves and are shifted to ordinary beds,” said Chief Medical Officer (GH – Sivakasi) Dr. T. Ayyanar.

This facility will be helpful for the patients who require moderate oxygen support.

“Such patients can be put on oxygen support in the mobile unit for a couple of hours, before an oxygen-supported bed falls vacant in the hospital,” Dr. Ayyanar said.

Oxygen supply through the five oxygen concentrators can be split and given to as many as 10 patients, he added.

Sub-Collector (Sivakasi) C. Dinesh Kumar, School Chairperson Venkatesh Prasad, Correspondent Jayakumar and E. Rajasekar and Venkatachalapathy of JCI Dynamic were present when the facility was launched.

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