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Adequate quantity of vegetables being sold

Adequate quantity of vegetables being sold through vehicles in Sivakasi

Apart from 72 vehicles organised to sell vegetables at the doorsteps of residents during the intensified lockdown, Sivakasi Municipality has arranged five vehicles to sell bread and eggs.

Vegetable vehicles are going around all the 33 wards of the town every day since Monday.

The local body has displayed the name and phone number of the driver of the vehicle along the registration number of the vehicle that have been deployed for a particular ward/area on the social media page of the municipality.

Besides, the price fixed for each of the vegetable by Agricultural Marketing Committee is also put in the social media page. “Since, people are aware of the prices, overcharging them is not possible,” said Sivakasi Municipal Commissioner S. Parthasarathy.

The vegetables procured from wholesale traders are distributed through select traders with the help of vehicles. Around six to seven tonnes of vegetables are being sold every day.

“Since more number of vehicles are plying on the road and adequate quantity of vegetables which is more than the demand is supplied, the possibility of selling vegetables at a higher rate is minimum. We are acting on getting such complaints,” he added.

People give their feedback/complaint through the Facebook page of the municipality and also through Whatsapp number of the Commissioner (73973-89921).

Three vehicles are selling bread packets and two motorbikes have been allowed to sell eggs, he added.

- The Hindu

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