Thai Pongal Celebrated in Sivakasi

Thai Pongal Celebrated in Sivakasi

Pongal, the harvest festival, was celebrated with fervour in Sivakasi town. The colourful Rangoli and Dot kolams on the streets and houses decorated with kannupilla chedi and manjal chedi, karumbu and flowers marked the day as Sivakasians welcomed the auspicious Tamil month of "Thai". Karumbu sold out for Rs.50/- per karumbu. Kanupilla chedi priced Rs.15/- ro Rs.25/- depends on size. Sivakasians exchanged greetings with friends and relatives and distributed pongal. In Sivakasi many households celebrated Pongal, but many shops, commercial establishments remained closed, for three days. Due to corona pandemic, for the last two years, temples remained closed on Thai Pongal, but this year, temples were opened and special pujas held. All the temples in Sivakasi pulls crowd on the occasion of Thai Pongal.

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