Soorasamharam - Aindhaam Thiruvizhaa Chithirai Pongal

Soorasamharam - Aindhaam Thiruvizhaa Chithirai Pongal

Chithirai Pongal Aindhaam Thiruvizhaa Soorasamharam was held at mandagapadi place, organised by Sivakasi Hindu Nadar Javuli Varthagargal Sangam, on 7th May 2023, Saturday, at 02:00 a.m.. While one half of the Chithirai Pongal 5-aam Thiruvizhaa, that stands for the Samhaaram of Mahisaasuran. That takes place in the four car street of Sivakasi. Devotees worshiped Badrakaliamman in mandagapadi. The place of mandagapadi was decorated with festoons, garlands, flowers, thoranais attractive colour papers and decorative lights. Police securities were tighten to control over the crowd. Sivakasi Municipality workers cleaned the mandagapadi premises, at the midnight. Their services are splendid and invaluable.

Sharply at 02:00 a.m., amman in black saree weeded out Mahisaasuran. Hundreds of devotees witnessed samhaaram of Mahisaasuran. Whistles, kulavai and claps rent the air. Thousands of Flower pots were lighten in the centre of the road. The organisers burst crackers and paper shots, at the time of the Soorasamharam of Mahisaasooran. As the part of the Soorasamhaaram, fireworks display were taken place in a grand manner.

After seeing Badrakaaliamman killing Mahisaasooran, as a symbol of good winning over the evil, devotees worshiped Badrakaliamman in mandagapadi place. Special abhishekam and poojas were made to Badrakaliamman at mandagapadi, amman idol was sent back to Kadai kovil. People also visited 6-aam thiruvizhaa mandagapadi place.

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