TN Enhances Safety Training for Fireworks Factory Workers

TN Enhances Safety Training for Fireworks Factory Workers

Tamil Nadu's Labour Welfare Minister, C V Ganesan, announced a safety training initiative for workers in fireworks factories in Virudhunagar and other districts. The initiative aims to reduce fire accidents by educating 7,500 workers on safe practices. The program, costing Rs 24.90 lakh, will utilize a training center in Sivakasi.

Highlighting the importance of safety measures in handling chemicals, Ganesan informed the assembly that the government plans to train 7,500 workers to prevent fire accidents. The program will be funded to the tune of Rs 24.90 lakh. The initiative will be spearheaded by a training center in Sivakasi, which will provide specific education on the properties, handling, combination, reaction, and safe operating methods of chemicals.

Ganesan noted that many workers are illiterate and unaware of safe working methods, leading to serious and fatal accidents. As a result, the government has amended laws to increase the frequency of inspections at these high-risk fireworks factories to every six months. In addition to the fireworks safety program, Ganesan, who also oversees the Skill Development portfolio, announced plans to upgrade skills for MSME employees through facilities at the 71 government industrial training centers.

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