Sivakasi celebrates Pongal Festival

14th January 2013

Photo: Ms.Theiva Guru

Sivakasi celebrates Pongal Festival

Today, Sivakasians celebrated Pongal Festival with fervour. Colour kolams with the designs of pongal pots and sugarcane decorated Sivakasi streets, while houses were decorated with kannupilla chedi and manjal chedi, as a mark of celebration of the pongal festival. Sivakasians wake up early and wore new dress and offered special prayers at temples. As a part of the Pongal Festival Sivakasians cooked Chakkarai Pongal and when it boils over they rose the words Pongalo Pongal. Many offices and industries remained close and few were opened and offered some prayers in their office. Some Sivakasians enjoyed Pongal by firing crackers. Sivakasians exchanged greetings and Chakkarai Pongal with their neighbours.

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