The unsold sugarcanes

17th January 2013

The unsold sugarcanes

Traders from nearby villages of Sivakasi and roadside vendors in the town brought loads of sugarcane to the key junctions of Sivakasi right from 10th January 2013 all the way till and eve of Pongal Festival. At Pongal time, one piece of sugarcane sold for Rs.30-35 and Rs.350 for one bundle with 15 sugarcanes. The price of sugarcane was soaring and it was out of reach for the common man in Sivakasi town. As a result the sale of sugarcane in Sivakasi, fell down badly.

Sugarcane traders near Sivakasi Sivan Kovil said that, usually around 90-95 per cent of the surgarcane is sold till Pongal day, but this year we only managed to sell 40 percent. This is because of gradual decline in the purchase of sugarcane in households and today-s youngsters show no interest in consuming sugarcane. We will wait for two more days and try to sell as much possible and we are ready to sell at a throwaway rate of Rs.5 per sugarcane and Rs.50 for one bundle, but no one shows interest in buying the canes, he added.

This year-s Pongal, sugarcane price soars both for consumers and traders.

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